Dear Parents,


Time at camp is one of the best experiences your kid could have. With awesome activities, relational speakers, and intentional counselor relationships, your campers are guaranteed to have life changing experiences. You however, might have some questions and concerning thoughts. To help make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a few things that you might like to know about.

Below you will find our policies, packing list, and informational videos(coming soon)!

If you still have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to answer any questions you might have! Contact us at 406.328.6825 or at



You can find maps and directions to Beartooth Christian Camp here.

​Our address is 130 Trinity Trail, Fishtail, MT 59028


BCC Bus:

​​BCC offers a bus service for Kids Camp, BCC JR High, BCC SR High, and Camp Velocity. These bus stops vary based on which camp your camper is attending. If you wish your camper to ride the bus please

  1. Select the Bus Fee Option – select the Bus Fee Option on your registration for when you get to Step 2.
  2. Select the Bus Pick Up Location – choose which stop your camper will get on the bus on the Step 3 Form.
  3. Bus Registration Closure – bus registration will close one week prior to check in day of camp. BCC is not able to make arrangements for bus pick up during the week prior to camp.
  4. Bus Cancelation – If your camper is signed up to ride the bus they need to be on the bus to and from camp unless the bus option is canceled completely by the parent BEFORE your camper’s week at camp. BCC DOES NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR CHANGING YOUR CAMPERS TRAVEL PLANS TO OR FROM BCC.

For bus safety please click here


Bus Check-In & Check-Out Times:

Kids Camp Locations: Helena, Montana (Walmart) – 8am (Mon); 5pm (Fri)
Bozeman, Montana (Journey Church) – 11am (Mon); 2pm (Fri)
Big Timber, Montana (Big Timber Evangelical Church) – 1:30pm (Mon); 12pm (Fri)
Billings, Montana (Faith E. Church) – 12:30pm (Mon); 12pm (Fri)

BCC JR High Location: Helena, Montana (Walmart) – 8am (Mon); 5pm (Fri)
Bozeman, Montana (Journey Church) – 11am (Mon); 2pm (Fri)
Big Timber, Montana (Big Timber Evangelical Church) – 1:30pm (Mon); 12pm (Fri)
Billings, Montana (Faith E. Church) – 12:30pm (Mon); 12pm (Fri)
Cheyenne, WY (Element Church) – 5am

BCC SR High Location: Helena, Montana (Walmart) – 8am (Mon); 5pm (Fri)
Bozeman, Montana (Journey Church) – 11am (Mon); 2pm (Fri)
Big Timber, Montana (Big Timber Evangelical Church) – 1:30pm (Mon); 12pm (Fri)
Billings, Montana (Faith E. Church) – 12:30pm (Mon); 12pm (Fri)

Camp Velocity: Parking Lot of the old K-Mart in Billings Montana – 12:30pm
2424 Central Ave, Billings, MT 59102


Arrival & Departure:

Check-In – Check-in takes place at BCC from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm on Monday. Please wait until this time to arrive. This is when campers move into their cabin, meet their counselor, and others in their cabin. Please arrive at BCC no later than 4:00 for Check-in, and please follow all signs and instructions given by BCC Staff.

Check-Out – Check-out will begin at 10:00 am on Fridays. Please arrive to pick up your camper between 9:45 and 10:15 on Check-out Day. Please be sure your camper goes through the ENTIRE Check-out process. Remember to have your Pick Up Authorization form up to date and to have a valid Photo I.D. with you through the Check-out line.



If you need to cancel your camper’s registration, please contact us as quickly as possible. With prior notice BCC will refund a portion of your camper’s registration fee, please know that there will be a $50 fee which will not be refunded. BCC does not issue any refunds for campers who leave camp due to illness or homesickness.


BCC Staff & Counselors:

BCC strives to hire only the best to serve your campers for the summer. Our Summer Missionaries and Counselors have gone through an online application process, interviews, background checks, and a week long intense training period. BCC looks for individuals who have been transformed by the power of Christ and who have a passion for proclaiming Christ to others. The majority of them serve in a volunteer status and would not be here without an incredibly strong desire to see what God has in store for your camper this summer.

BCC’s full time staff are individuals and families who are living on missionary support for the sole purpose of seeing lives changed by the power of Christ. Our missionary staff greatly appreciate new prayer partners and as well as financial supporters. If your camper has been impacted by the ministry of BCC, would you prayerfully consider becoming a prayer/financial supporter of one of our missionary staff families.


Cabin Assignments:

Cabin Assignments are made a week in advance and will not be released before Check In time. Assignments are decided by a variety of methods including  but not limited to, home church, youth group, home town, age, and roommate requests. BCC strives to honor at least one roommate request from each camper. Please know it is not always possible to honor each and every request. BCC will need to take into account campers who are attending with no requests and fit them into a cabin which will be best suited for their needs. If you have any concerns with this, please call the office. Please also know that late registrations may greatly reduce the possibility of your camper being assigned their roommate request.


Trading Post:

Campers have the opportunity to go to BCC’s Trading Post at least once, if not more than once, a day. The Trading Post is BCC’s camp store where they may purchase candy, pop, icecream, camp t-shirts, water bottles and a variety of other BCC merchandise. A few average prices are as follows: candy $1, pop $1, ice cream $1-$2, T-Shirt $12, Hoodie $30, and a variety of other small gifts anywhere from $3 – $20. You will have the opportunity to place money on a tab for the Trading Post during registration, and you can always call into the office to add more money to that tab. If your camper has a balance over $5 upon Check-out BCC will refund your card for that amount. Any tabs under $5 will not be refunded and go into a Camper Scholarship pool. You may also send cash with your camper, any cash left at the end of the week will be returned at Check-out regardless of amount.


Medical Issues:

Medical staff during the week may be week long volunteers. Medical staff are on duty at all times and available by radio or phone for fast response. Additional camp staff are also trained in emergency medical response.

Daily medication is dispensed according to printed instructions. All medication must be turned into the camp nurse upon arrival and all over the counter and prescription medication brought to camp must be in the original containers and include the current prescription information. Medication brought to BCC in any other form will NOT be administered.

View and/or download our medical policies here.



Laundry facilities are not available for campers use. If your camper has an emergency (such as bed wetting) their counselor will be happy to take their bedding to the HouseKeeping staff who will launder and return any items as quickly as possible. BCC does have extra pillows and sleeping bags on hand in case any items need replaced for the week.


Lost & Found:

BCC provides a Lost and Found table during your camper week at camp. Please be sure to scan through it upon Check-out to be sure your camper has all of their belongings. In the event you return home and find things missing, please call the office and identify the missing item. Lost and Found items are kept for two weeks and then discarded or donated. BCC can mail Lost and Found items to you with the understanding of a Collect on Delivery or refund of postage fees.


Contacting your camper:

BCC does not allow campers to call home during the week unless in extreme circumstances. Often the homesick camper will only become more so with a phone call home. Please know this is the same for parents as well. Please feel free to write to your camper while they are here! Please mail any letters or packages no later than the Monday of your campers stay at BCC to ensure they will arrive on time. Mail any packages to

Camper’s Name
C/O BCC (Write which week attending here, ex: BCC Kids Camp)
130 Trinity Trail
Fishtail MT 59028

BCC has little to no cell coverage and we ask that campers leave their phones at home. We do understand that as parents you like to know your camper has made it where they are going safely. So for your convenience and to relieve any worries each opening day of camp once all campers are present and accounted for we will post on our Facebook page to let all of our parents know everyone is here and camp is underway.


Packing List:

Sleeping bag              Flip Flops or Sandals

Pillow and case              Bath & Beach Towel

Blue jeans/pants                     Washcloth

T-shirts                         Toiletry articles

Warm sweatshirt                      Flashlight

Raincoat/poncho                          Pens

Summer jacket                         Notebook

Shorts                                      Bible

Socks                     Insect Repellent & Sunscreen

Underwear​              Spending money (to be turned it at Check-In)

Pajamas                       Swimsuits (one piece or tankini for gal’s, swimming trunks for guys)

​Tennis shoes


Things to leave at home:

Skateboards, roller blades, fireworks, non-prescribed drugs, alcohol and tobacco products, and weapons of any kind are not allowed at BCC. Immodest clothing, to BCC this means two piece bathing suits, speedos, pants that don’t stay around the waist, any visible underwear, spaghetti strap tank tops. Please also leave music players, video games and cell phones at home. There will be so much happening campers won’t have a minute to waste on the electronic world. BCC reserves the right to take anything from campers that we feel is contrary to the atmosphere and spirit of camp. These items will be safely stored and returned at the end of the week.