The Barnards

The Barnard family has been serving the Lord at BCC for almost 20 years now. Warren, who once served as our Facilities Director, has recently handed that hat off and now focuses solely on Building Maintenance. He attended Prairie Bible Institute for one year and went through the Leadership Training and Development program for Christian camping at Camp Forest Springs in Wisconsin. Following that training, he filled the maintenance position at Camp Forest Springs for another year before accepting a position at BCC. Warren enjoys spending time with the Arrowhead students, hunting, and a good pun!

Donna has been a stay-at-home mom and home school teacher to their 3 daughters. With all three girls out of the house and married, Donna continues to seek the Lord’s direction. She is currently involved with the discipleship program at Arrowhead Bible College and often helps around camp in areas needed. Donna loves getting to know the staff wives and single ladies as well as being a grandma. The Barnard’s also are experts at homemade ice cream, ask any staff member!

Warren and Donna have 3 daughters. Amber, Chelsy, and Brittany.

The Barnard’s are here because they get excited about people making decisions for Christ and seeing Christians growing in their relationship with Christ.

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