The Hansens

Andy and Amber first came to BCC as summer staff working in the barn, Amber in 2007-2009 and Andy in 2008-2009, which is where their story begins. A couple years later they married in May 2010 and returned to BCC in 2011 for a one year internship. They spent a few years in Kansas where they worked for Amber’s family & leading their church’s youth ministry. While they were there, they felt God’s call to return to camping ministry. The Hansen’s returned to BCC in July 2015.

Andy and Amber both believe camp presents an amazing opportunity to reach people of all ages for Christ. The ability for campers to be removed from the everyday of their lives and become immersed in God’s beautiful creations and then to spend the week being fed spiritually is truly incredible. They believe there is no better way to reach kids for Christ. They are also aware of the impact that serving on summer staff can have on the lives of college aged students. Having experienced the life changing power of Christ through BCC in their own lives.

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