PAID internships


Looking for an opportunity to grow as a leader or grow as a follower of Jesus or both? Look no further friends. This internship is designed to be a catalyst for spiritual and personal growth in people.  As we pour into our interns over the course of the summer they in turn will pour into others, and as this happens their faith and leadership will increase.  Our prayer as a camp is to provide a quality internship program that gives people the opportunity to grow as they serve, that serves surrounding colleges and their students, and that equips and empowers followers of Jesus to advance the Kingdom of God throughout the state of Montana and beyond.

F.A.Q. for BCC Internship Program

Q: Who is in charge of the internship program?
AWe have Bill and Lauren Daniels leading the program this summer, and they come to Beartooth with over 50 years of experience in camping ministry.  Bill and Lauren’s heartbeat is discipleship and leadership development in the lives of people.

Q: How old do you have to be to be eligible for the internship program?
AThis program is meant for college age students and young professionals 18+ who are interested in the opportunity to serve at a camp for the summer.

Q: Is this a paid internship?
AYes it is.  We are excited and blessed because of God’s provision for camp that we can pay our interns this summer. We pay each of our interns $3000 for the summer, which is a 12 week commitment for them.

Q: When does the internship start and end?
A: The internship starts May 30th and concludes August 19th.

Q: Do I have to be experienced in camping, horses, and the outdoors to be an intern? 
A: Not at all.  You do not have to be a seasoned outdoorsman to be in this program.  We are looking for people who love Jesus, love camp, and want to grow.

STEP 1. Email your application in to

STEP 2. A BCC representative will follow up with you within 7-10 business days by either phone or text.

STEP 3. The Internship Coaches and Camp Relations Coordinator will schedule an interview with each applicant.

STEP 4. After applicants have completed their interview they can expect to hear back from BCC within a week.

STEP 5. Upon acceptance into the program students will be sent a handbook to read through and look over and a background check will be ran on them.

STEP 6. After they’ve passed their background check, read through the handbook, and have signed BCC’s contract agreement for the summer the student will officially be accepted into the program. Further information will be given to them at that time by the Internship Coaches.


Bill and Lauren Daniels have been in Christian ministries for nearly 50 years.  Bill has a BA from BIOLA University in Recreation and camp administration and a Master of Ministry from PESM.  Together they have done ministry at eight camps since 1980.  Bill enjoys doing leatherwork, playing guitar, fly fishing, and hunting.  Lauren enjoys spoiling grandkids, riding her quad, cooking, and crafts.  Sharing the Gospel and helping equip believers to do the work of the ministry is their passion.

“It was at Beartooth Christian camp that God spoke to my heart years ago and called me into ministry as a pastor. Bill and Lauren Daniels played a pivotal part in my walk with Jesus. The way they love and lead people is amazing. If you want go grow as a follower of Jesus and a leader then this is the experience for you!”

— Caleb Hamilton

Email the Daniels for more info at


Impact hundreds of people this summer as a BCC intern!