2023 rates & deals

Our current world is changing constantly and with inflation rising as well as the cost for food and other services going up BCC is increasing its prices for camps accordingly. That being said, just because our prices are increasing doesn’t mean you can’t save money on camp for next year.  Want to know how to save money on camp next year?  I’m glad you asked…let me share with you about our new price increases along with our Inflation Freeze Rates.

SUPER EARLY BIRD RATE – From October 1 through December 31 of 2022 campers can lock in the old $399 rate for Kids, Middle School, and High School Camps or the old $499 rate for Horse Camps. To lock in the 2022 rate before the new year, a camper must register and pay in full the day they sign up.

EARLY BIRD RATE –  From October 1 through March 31 campers that are unable to pay in full before the end of the 2022 year can still save $25 off the new rate for camp. To receive this discount campers must register and pay in full by March 31 to lock in the early bird rate.  With the early bird discount factored in, for any camper going to Kids, Middle School, or High School their cost for camp will be $440.  Horse campers after the early bird rate will pay $550, and First Chance campers will pay $125.

REGULAR RATE –  From April 1 through 2 weeks prior to camp starting campers who register for camp during this time will pay the new 2023 regular rate. For campers attending Kids, Middle School, or High School camps they will pay $465.  Horse campers will pay $575.  First Chance campers will pay $150.

If you have any questions about registration, rates, or discounts please don’t hesitate to email our main office at office@beartoothchristiancamp.org or call our main office at 406-328-6825.

Lock in 2022 rates for 2023 with BCC’s Inflation Freeze Rates!