middle school CAMP

for students going into 6th-8th grade
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6th-8th grade

July 25-29


Calling all middle school students, join us at BCC for an experience you’ll never forget! No group is as enthusiastic, energetic, or as exciting Middle School.  We are pumped to see all our students again because we are going to have an EPIC week of camp!  Bring your energy with you because this week of camp is going to be packed with games, hype, friends, fun, and exploding kittens…just kidding on that last part, but seriously it is going to be a blast.

Camp is a place where friends are made, lives are changed, and Jesus is made famous, oh and it’s a lot of fun! So don’t wait, sign up, and come to camp. We hope you’ll join us for Middle School camp this year.

The theme for Middles School Camp is “Uncharted” making the unknown known. With all the uncertainty in the world today and all the craziness everyone has been through the past two years what can we know for certain? In Christ there are many things we can be certain of as well as find peace and purpose in.


  • We are NO LONGER providing transportation for campers.
  • Camper check-in is on Monday from 3-5 pm at the Trading Post (look for signage as you enter camp).
  • Camper check-out is on Friday at 11 am at the Trading Post.
  • Any cancellations for campers must be done 2 weeks before their scheduled week of camp in order to get their deposit back.
List of Additional Activities
  • Pond (blob, swing, slide, and kayaks)
  • Zipline
  • Paintball
  • Carpetball
  • Rockwall
  • Trail rides
  • EPIC campus wide REC games
  • Basketball
  • Archery
  • Wheel of Misfortune
  • AND MORE!!!

camp speaker

Ryan McElrath
Ryan and his wife Alicia love doing Youth Ministry! Ryan has been serving in youth ministry for about 20 years! He hails from the great state of Tennessee along with his wife, Alicia, his three boys, Cayden, Camden, and Colten, along with all his goats, chickens, dogs and cats!! His passion in life is to bring students to a deeper faith in who Jesus is and what He has called them to do in life.

Worship leaders

Corban Erbele & Abby Teeters
Corban is a pastor and worship leader from Montana who serves at a church in Big Timber, MT. In his spare time he writes his own worship music which can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming platforms. Abby works as an intern at the same church as Corban and helps lead worship and the youth ministry there. She has a powerful voice and has lead congregations all over Montana in worship. 

Register for middle school camp

Camp capacity is limited this year, register today to reserve your camper’s spot!