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You want to be a part of the work God is going to do at camp this Summer?!? Then you are in the right place. Please review all the information on this page, and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to give our Church Relations Coordinator, Caleb Hamilton, a call at 406-413-8040. Speaking of Caleb, checkout the video below to hear Caleb share about what volunteering at camp is going to look like this Summer! SPOILER ALERT: It’s going to be AWESOME! 

F.A.Q. for Volunteering

Q: Does it cost any money to volunteer?
A: No.

Q: Is childcare available for the week of camp if I bring up my kid(s)?
A: Yes. Childcare is provided for kids of volunteers ages 2 years old — 4th grade. Childcare for volunteers is 100% FREE. Childcare is only provided for the weeks of Kids Camp, Jr. High Camp, and High School Camp.

Q: What happens after I sign up to volunteer?
A: Caleb will reach out to you and connect with you about the week of camp you signed up for. He’ll answer any questions you have, and also share with you about what to expect leading up camp. You’ll also receive a schedule for the week of camp you signed up for the month before. You’ll also receive a more detailed schedule with any/all important information for your specific week of camp 2 weeks out from that week of camp.

Q: Does camp background check volunteers?
A: Yes. For all adults 18 years and older we run background checks.

Q: Does volunteering for camp mean I have to be a counselor?
A: Not at all. Counseling is one of many roles a volunteer can serve in during the week of camp. Other roles include: program/activities help, facility/grounds crew, kitchen staff, and more.

Q: How do I sign to be a volunteer at camp?
A: Checkout then short video below as Caleb explains how to “REGISTER” to be a volunteer. Essentially you’re going to sign up like a camper would, so you’ll need to create a profile on Campwise before you can actually sign up as a volunteer. Simply click the VOLUNTEER NOW button to start the process. 

1. Create your online account with campwise. Otherwise, use your login info to sign into your existing account.

2. Complete your “camper” profile.

3. “Choose your program” means choose the week you will be serving. Please choose ALL weeks that you would like to volunteer.
*PLEASE NOTE: If you will only be volunteering for one or more of the 3 conference camps (Kids, Junior High, or High School Camp) please choose from those volunteer programs only. DO NOT use “Adult Summer Volunteer”. (This program only applies to people that will be volunteering for more than those 3 weeks of conference camps)

4. Complete all forms to finish your registration. You will be able to choose areas you would like to serve and we will do our best to accommodate, however, please remain flexible as you may be asked to serve in whatever area needs the most help. 

1. GOD

Camp is back, and we’re excited for the summer! Would you please join us in praying for God to move in people’s lives this year? To make camp a great experience for ALL the campers that step foot on property we need volunteers from our local communities and churches to come and serve.

WE NEED YOU! We are praying that volunteering at camp can be the BEST week of your summer! Thank you for volunteering!

— Caleb Hamilton BCC Church Relations Coordinator 

volunteer for camp

Help us give thousands of kids an unforgettable summer!