MAY 24-25, 2024

Memorial Day Work Weekend- Starts 9 am, Friday

Meals are provided

Please bring bedding, pillows, towels, overnight items you may need, and any tools/equipment that you would be willing to bring

Enjoy work projects, making things look nice, or cleaning?  BCC’s Work Days might be the perfect opportunity for you to partner with camp.  As you can assume keeping a camp beautiful year-round is a task, and over the year things get worn down, damaged, or blown away.  To prepare camp for the summer months we need your help.

During our Work Days, volunteers come from all over the state and country to help with special projects at camp as well as help us with general maintenance and cleaning.  Bring up the family, your youth group, or come up on your own and join us as we get this special place ready for summer.  Information on how to sign up for work days is below.

Call or email the main office or fill out the form below and let us know:
1) What days will you be coming up and when will you be arriving?
2) How many people are in your party?

Office email: office@beartoothchristiancamp.org

Office phone: 406-328-6825

let us know you’re coming to help!

Beartooth Christian Camp

130 Trinity Trail, Fishtail, MT 59028